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Current representations:
- SRS Sjölanders (Part of Goldschmidt Group)
- Omac Italy

If you wish to investigate your opportunities in Finland, feel free to contact henri@memonen.fi.

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Apply different funding sources to your operations.

Business strategy planning

Align your business with clear strategy design.

Software requirement specifications

Automate your business operations with software.

Sourcing and tendering

Make sure your supply chain supports your business needs.

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I have profitably grown companies with my former colleagues from the ground to a few million revenues with low capital and hands-on work. I also have experienced how things fail and what are the outcomes from these failures, which gives me perspective for more humane ways to operate.

I've started working when I was twelve, first on warehouse pre-assembling railway electrification components and after turning eighteen, I moved to work on railway electrification work sites around Finland as an electrician. I started my journey as an entrepreneur by jumping into one railway machinery company as a partner and machinery operator a while after I served my military service. After a year I returned to work at my former employee company and worked as work site logistic manager in Vuosaari railway tunnel project and work coordinator on the Western Finland railway electrification maintenance unit. Before my military service, I also built the first Linux Firewall/Gateway to Eltel Networks ICT-Network and worked in their ICT unit on a few occasions, as I was studying ICT in a vocational school.

My true entrepreneurial journey began after I left my former employee for BBA studies and established my own company providing human resource services. After hard work of several years, we were able to grow the company profitability to revenue over 3 million and expanded our operations to tools and machinery importing as part of the service. In 2012 my former colleague contacted me and wanted to establish a construction company for providing contract services. I took some distance to the earlier established company, and we grew the contracting company to revenue a bit over 1 million. After that I received a call from the former company’s chairman of the board, letting me know that significant problems had arisen in operations. I shifted my focus back and tried to save the former company’s operations but failed to recognize the organizational burn-out that was occurring. A few years later and after several attempts to reorganize the company it fell into bankruptcy. During my focus shift from the contracting company to the old one, I stayed as CEO handling the CEO’s legal responsibilities, overall governing and railway unit on the construction contracting company. After a year, my main partner stopped answering his phone and I contacted all project managers and invited a meeting. During that meeting, I was told that the main partner has not been fulfilling his tasks for a year and other project managers were helping him on his worksites. When I asked why I wasn’t informed about this during my monthly personal calls to each project manager, I received an answer that they were loyal to him, because he had made the recruitments. After I investigated the status, I bought a unit working on railway operations to myself and left the company. The railway company was later sold to another contractor in the field.

After all the problems in the construction industry, I decided that I wanted to do something else. One of my childhood friends worked on his PhD in Physics at Tampere University (Optics lab) and through his contacts, I ended up being CEO of a Machine Vision/Learning start-up called Recon AI. We worked to get our solution first to railways, as my experience was from that field, but after two years recognized that technological limitations did not provide a possibility to build planned service to the industry. With change of CTO, we set a new goal to build IoT/ML software platform for enabling efficient EDGE AI and IoT operations. Unfortunately, and due to several mistakes, our low funding limited options for subcontractors and the risk of non-delivery from subcontractor driver the company into bankruptcy in summer 2021. Journey thought me a lot about working along people with academic background, physics, machine vision- and learning, IoT and sensor technology.

I’ve been running my own consulting company and providing services for my clients since 2017. The main reason for establishing the company was to work as a holding company for other endeavours and making it possible to provide consulting services during the transition period on merging the railway contracting company to acquisitors operations.

Right now, I’m looking through my options and I am willing to provide my services as consulting or after 16 years of being an entrepreneur, I also investigate the possibility to work as an employee again. So, if you think my know-how could be of use for you, feel free to contact henri@memonen.fi.

More detailed employment information can be found from LinkedIn CV.


Henri Memonen

Entrepreneur, CEO, Board Professional, Strategy Consultant

  • Tampere
  • +358 50 587 1254
  • henri@memonen.fi


AM-X Platform (AIoT)

January, 2019 - May, 2021

We developed AM-X platform for efficient AIoT operations. My task was software requirement specification, tendering and project management.

Project was unsuccessful because of non-delivery and non-compliance on reporting methods from subcontractor.

Repositories can be found from: Here!
Business plan including system infrastructure: Here!

AM-Rail - Railway infrastructure surveillance system

February, 2017 - February, 2019

We worked on developing optical sensor based system for railway infrastructure surveillance. Operations failed due to inaccurate technological evaluation on capacities of current optical sensors and unsuccessful market penetration to railway markets.

System description (In English): Here!
System description (In Finnish): Here!

Railway winter maintenance operations - Ilmala and Helsinki Depot

November, 2015 - April, 2016

Winter maintenance operations.

Ilmala depot electrification renovation project

June, 2015 - October, 2015

Project manager: Renovation of Ilmala railway depot electric distribution center.

Railway electrification maintenance operations - West-Finland

March, 2015 - June, 2015

Sub-contracting in West-Finland railway electrification maintenance operations.

Hanala Railway electrification project

January, 2015 - March, 2015

Renovation operations to railway electrification in Hanala.


January, 2009 - December, 2015

We developed our own ERP for human resources, importing and retailing business purposes. My tasks was to define software requirements basing on company's operations. ERP included open source CRM as separate module with financial reporting tools.

Repositories can be found from: Here!

Live demo (without CRM functions): Here!

West-Finland railway electrification maintenance

February, 2008 - September, 2008

Coordination of maintenance operations in West-Finland railway electrification maintenance unit.

Vuoli Sä7-project

June, 2007 - February, 2008

Electrification project of Vuosaari harbour railway tunnel project. My tasks were to operate as Material manager and substitute for work-site manager.

North-Finland railway electrification

August, 2003 - January, 2006

Electrician and machinery operator in North-Finland railway electrification project.


Master of Business Administration - Software engineering and ICT

2020 - 2021

Turku University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of business administration - International business

2008 - 2011

Tampere University of applied Sciences

Basic studies of information technology

2000 - 2003

Turku Vocational school

Professional Experience

Infrastructure construction industry

Industrial experience since past 25 years. From work-site tasks to project leading and offer calculation.

    Machinery manufacturer representation and imports

    13 years of importing and subcontractor contract negotiations experience.

    • SRS Machinery representation: Here!
    • Omac Machinery representation: Here!

    Entrepreneurship and business management

    16 years of entrepreneurial experience

    • 16 years of experience in CEO and Board roles.
    • Established 11 companies
    • 1 sold company, 4 bankruptcies

    Software system design

    16 years of system requirement specification to in-house software systems.

      Funding and budgeting

      15 years of experience in SME company funding and budgeting operations.

        Leadership and human resources.

        10 years of experience in running human resource service company.

        • More than a thousand conducted interviews.
        • Hundreds of job advertisements and hirings.

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        • +358 50 587 1254
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